Pixel 2.0

What is Pixel 2.0... it's the first true innovation in the pixel industry in the last 5 years.

We have studied the issues in the pixel industry and have built fixes for this into the new design.

Size, durability and consistency are just some of the key factors.

So what have we done differently

We have listened to your concerns and issues and took the pixel to a new level


We have taken the chip off the pcb board and moved it up into the LED allowing for a smaller pixel size and better protection of the chip.

Final burn test and packaging done in Norht America

Injection molding

Our pixel is a fully injection molded design with no need for epoxy allowing for consistent production output and allowing marking directly on to the pixel housing.

Voltage indication

Nothing worse than trying to read the voltage printed on the pcb board, so we have removed that issue by having the voltage and the data direction printed directly on to the housing.

True 18 awg wire and connector

1-Our pixel uses a true 18awg UL (Style249743SP) certified wire allowing for less voltage drop over longer distances

2-We use the industry standard Xconnect connector for all our products.


We have printed the + and - indications in multiple places including on the wire and directly onto the pixel.

Added loops

The loops have several advantages...

1- Can be used with aircraft cable to string up sets of pixels.

2-Helps to prevent pixels from being pushed too far in when using 10mm Coro.

3-when installed into a 3d print the loops make for a more secure fit.

Bringing innovation and affordability back to the pixel industry

Canada's #1 Source of Pixel Lighting Products

New and innovative products


5v and 12v in 50 or 100 count strings with Xconnector

Power Supplies

Certified indoor or outdoor 12V power supplies


From bulk, flat and round to Xconnect extensions and pigtails we have them all

Why Can-PixPlus

Can-PixPlus is all about helping the pixel and lighting enthusiasts with providing our product locally and at a fair price.

We've Got You Covered

"bringing innovation and affordability back to the pixel industry"

Terrasse-Vaudreuil, Canada

Phone: +1(514)829-3444
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Local product at a fair price

Prices are landed in Canada. No surprise custom fees and not manufactured in China.

new and innovative design

Our new pixel design is smaller with the voltage and data flow direction molded directly onto the pixel.

Quality Control

Our pixels go through a 48-hour burn-in test and thorough visual inspection.

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